Looking For Weekend Jobs In Owerri? Let’s Help You

When I was in school it came to a point when I got so broke I couldn’t cope any longer. Yes, I’m not going to stretch it for longer but almost every student has had to be in similar conditions. I went off to the streets to get a job and when I couldn’t, somehow (I don’t even know exactly how it happened) I found myself where I am now.

So however, this article is for people looking for weekend and part-time jobs in Owerri. I will be getting straight to the point so I don’t bore you.

11+ Killer Part-time Job Ideas For People In Owerri, Imo State

The article will be touching some of the places you can see jobs in Owerri. I’m not going to tell you about job vacancies at Everyday Supermarket Owerri, or maybe a church in need of a receptionist.

Let’s get to work.

  • Hotels, restaurants and fast foods

There are many things jobs you can do in hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and fast-food spots. They are mainly targeted at the female gender, but a lot of other opportunities are available for males.

You can be a cook, waiter, bartender, disc jockey, promoter, dancer or anything else. The pays also differ, and you can be expecting anything from ₦15,000 to even up to ₦45,000 and more.
Of course you have to consider the distance from your home, so you don’t get to spend more than you earn on transport.

  • Cleaner

You can work as a cleaner in banks, offices, cinemas, supermarkets, malls and almost everywhere else. Most of these jobs are not advertised openly, and you have to either know someone working there or check yourself.

In most cases, tell people you are looking for a job so once there’s a vacancy they pull you in.

  • Usher

There are events every weekend in Owerri, and ushers litter here and there getting paid to attend to the attendees.

You do not need a degree or any special qualifications to get the jobs, just look good, link up to another usher and tell them you want to be a part. There’s always a way to get around it.

  • Business Center

Business centres are mostly around school areas so you won’t even have issues spending on transportation. You need to be fast in typing, and good in stuff like Powerpoint and Coreldraw since you’ll be using most of it.
Even if you don’t have the skills, you can show your willingness to learn, and grab the job.

  • Modelling

If you have the height and physical features, you can decide to be a model. It is also very lucrative and with exposure, you can be sure to go far.
There are several modelling agencies in Owerri and most of them demand money before you join. Do your background researches properly, and make sure to join something legitimate.

  • Security

There are many openings for securities in the town, and you do not need any extra qualifications. It is also not so stressful and sometimes all you need to do is attend to gates.
Most big brands hire securities together with armed forces, and install CCTVs so you won’t even be doing that much of a job.

  • Part-time lecturer

If you are good academically your grades say same too, you can get a job as an assistant lecturer. Please note that the chances of getting this I’ll say are just 2% as first, there are no open openings and then you need to be friends with lecturers already.

Don’t ask me how to access it lol, you need to be a course rep first hand, or something close to the lecturers as they are.

  • Photography and Cinematography

This doesn’t need much explanations. You can walk into a studio and ask them if there are openings.

Now look at this simple trick, go to the studio as if you want to take photos, start up very interesting discussions with the owner and chip in to him that you can work.
Even if there are no openings, he can create for you depending on your approach.

  • Receptionist

There are several hotels, offices, real estate brands, churches and other businesses where you can get a job as a receptionist. It is mainly for the female folks, and you will not be expecting a very heavy salary.
Also, the job is not so cool for part-time, since almost all businesses do the regular 5-days a week model and for the churches, most pastors have office hours that might clash with your other schedules.

  • Disc jockey

DJs are another set of people who low key make a lot of money. You can get brands such as fast-foods, phone dealers and hotels to work for.
There are also opportunities to perform at nightclubs, birthday parties, freshers nights, burn-fire nights, send-off parties and other events.

All you need is a laptop, the right software and the interest. Learning from someone who’s already in the industry is also a very grand idea.

  • Dancer

You can make money as a part-time dancer. The job opportunities revolve around working with DJs, promoters and people in the show business.
There are also strip clubs you can go for if you want to do the extra thing.

  • Filling Station Attendant

Working in a filling station is a very demanding job, and you can’t be a part-time staff. A lot of them also have gas stations, and you can work as an attendant on them.
Learning how to operate the pumps won’t take a lot of time, and there are opportunities all over the state.


There’s this funny trick you can try out.
Go to your church, give testimony and chip in that you are jobless… hehe! It has been working for people, it will work for you.
There are a lot of ways to make money in Owerri without going into prostitution, internet fraud (Yahoo-Yahoo) and stealing.

Thanks a lot for reading along.
What do you think?

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