How To Order Cake Online In Owerri (With Hot Discount)

I will be keeping the post straight to the point, how to order cake online in Owerri, Imo State. Now, there are tens of cake sellers in Owerri right now, and almost 1 out of every 30 campus girls you know is either a makeup artist or a cake maker.

This is good, and bad as well. It is good because of course everyone will try to step up and make more affordable products while trying to beat the best quality.
It is however bad because we don’t even know who is good enough. I won’t want to spend my own money to take something I will later give a bad review for.

So now, the first question is, which type of cake do you need?

There are a wide range of options of cakes:-

Some of them include:

  • Birthday cakes

They are of course one of the most popular, and the most popular event cakes. These customers are the ones who keep cake makers in business.

  • Wedding cakes

Almost every marriage now is graced with cakes, and they need a greater level of expertise.

  • Graduation/ matric cakes

I didn’t know people celebrate graduation and matrics with cakes, but the ritual is here to stay.

  • Breakup/ divorce cake

Okay nothing wey person no go see haha. I shaa saw this one on a foreign news website. We don’t have time for such in Naija.

  • Cakes for personal consumption

These ones don’t always come with icing, and are made on-demand. You can also get them from any stores, supermarkets and malls around.

What Do Consider Before Making A Choice Of Who To Buy Cakes From

Some of the things you need to consider before choosing a cake-maker include:

  • Reviews

Most times reviews don’t lie. Have your friends tried them out? What do they have to say? You can to consider that especially if it’s an event cake.

  • Time for delivery

I prefer you pay for your cakes at least five days before the day so they can have enough time to put it in place.

  • Price

All cakes are not the same price and quality, so no need stretching on that. We can help you find something at exactly your budget.

How To Order Your Cake

We are here to help you;

Please fill the below form;

  • Type of cake you need
  • Special requirements
  • Your budget
  • The day you need it
  • Your phone number


We will source for the right cake maker and get back to you in 24 hours.

So easy right? What do you think?

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